scavenged thoughts...

these collage/assemblage pieces are meant as homage to all the arts: poetry, music and literature in that i am dealing with quotes, bits of song lyrics, favorite lines from a novel,etc. that i feel are significant and worthy of remembering.


as a person who feels strongly about medium of choice.....found object, incorporates old boxes, drawers, driftwood, twigs, stone, bones,etc. into other worldly environments and/or creatures.

usually, my aim is to try to work with a single piece of wood, as it is, so to speak. using it for the torso, or legs or whatever of the art piece, not cutting it up or altering other than adding on to it.

no wood has been harmed in the making of these art works.


to borrow a quote from the artist, asher durand, who so eloquently stated,  "the artist....will have seen more than the mere matter of fact, but no more that is there and that another may see if it is pointed out to him."


i hope my works will point out something worth remembering for the viewer.


you may view the work on the gallery pages......thanks for observing.

nancy radzik