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assemblage sculptures

'leaf boy' started with a small piece of driftwood, that just sort of looked like a 'body' piece. then i just happened to have some hand made fimo clay heads laying around the studio and this one seemed to fit the body perfectly. i had recently acquired a shoebox full of waxed leaves from an artist friend of mine and once again, the 'wings' just seemed to fit. and the acorn on top of his head is like a cherry on top of a ice cream sundae. 'leaf boy' is approximately 12" tall.

 'piano man'

this assemblage sculpture emerged from the 'body' branch that was picked up in the woods somewhere during a hike.

the 'body' piece just seemed to be posing, bowing or whatever. i wedged the doll's hat in between the space of the 'arm/hand' section and the 'head' area, giving him a more formal look and as i was working with it, looking for the perfect base, i came across this metal shoe form to ground him in, but it required a bit more stable base so i added the piano keyboard pieces which lead to the perfect name for this fellow... 'piano man'...thus, the title and the piece came into being.

this guy is approximately 17" tall.

piano man assemblage sculpture_edited.jpg

'dead wood walking'

this assemblage piece started with several 'walking' sticks that i had on hand that took on a life of their own. 

adding boots(thanks to my barbie doll shoe collection) and hats sort of made them look like they were in a procession of sorts.....with lots of attitude. the '....walking' are approximately 13-18" tall.

'allonge with hat'


starting with the found piece of driftwood that 'appeared' to be performing in a ballet and after assembling her to the base and adding a hat, i came across this image from the impressionist artists who often depicted ballet dancers in their paintings. my sculpture seemed to be performing the exact same move, which is named the 'allonge', which lead to the title of this piece.

this ballet deva is approximately 23" tall.

allonge with hat assemblage sculpture.jpg

pose en reverence

this sculpture started with the found piece of driftwood that just begged to become a ballet pose. adding the sewing pattern paper skirt seemed a natural for this ballerina deva.

she is approximately 18" tall.

pose en reverence assemblage sculpture_edited.jpg

below, is a photo of me. out on the town with the boot-footed hiker bird....lovely night !

nancy with art piece_edited.jpg

dwellings....crag houses

these assemblage sculptures will vary in size (most approximately 11-16" high),texture and embellishments vary  but each one captures an aged, time worn look made from reclaimed wood, while the tiny houses and ladders are either hand made or found objects.

crag house rock bottom twig tree_edited.
crag house red rock wood bottom_edited.j
crag house painted wood_edited.jpg
Scan0060 crag house terra cotta_edited.j
crag house low with fence_edited.jpg
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