dwellings......everything is broken.


23w x 24h x 3d

reclaimed vintage wood, driftwood, found wood, broken frame wood, collage papers and photo.

this piece started with a photograph of an old abandoned building, taken while on vacation somewhere in the upper peninsula of michigan. the title comes from a bob dylan tune, of the same name, it was the first thing that came to mind while photographing this collapsed building.

dwellings......nested interest


24w x 23h x 2d


reclaimed vintage wood, driftwood, bark, collage papers and photos.

this piece evolved while trying to zoom in on a bird's nest situated high up in a tree.  the result; a progression of nest photos. the subject matter and the title of this piece is simply a play on words referring to the usual phrase, '...vested interest'. laid plans

22w x 13h x 2d

reclaimed vintage wood, found wood, photo, chair rung and blueprints paper.

while driving along the backroads of the upper penisula, michigan....we came across this broken down first thought sad...someone once had great plans for this dwelling...thus, the title for the piece.

dwellings.....going home

19w x 17h x 3d

vintage wood, driftwood, found wood, photo, collage papers and miscellaneous door hardware... this piece originated with my obsession for photographing doors; both opened and closed. so the photo of the open door (taken at some pioneer fort) and the memory of the lyrics from 'largo 9th symphony; from the new world'.....'it's not far, just close by, through an open door...'

dwellings.....little pink houses

26w x 17h x 4d

vintage map of america, map puzzle pieces, photo, tiny tin houses, toy 'trees', with 'billboard' header piece...this piece is an homage to john mellencamps' song by the same name and it always struck me as funny that some people actually live in pink houses.  

the sparrow

9w x 10h x 4d

found object drawer, collage papers, levi jean material, bird's nest and embellishments....this piece began with the nest and the song lyrics....'...and his eye is on the sparrow...' (and the entire world)... definitely something to ponder. 

experimental bird

18w x 11h x 4d

found object box, collage papers, dollhouse staircase parts, twig, feathers, imitation bird parts and mechanical embellishments...this piece is a shout out to leonardo da vinci


someone once had hope

22w x 23h x 2d

found object vintage window frame, collage papers and photos, broken window fragments and rusted metal scrap embellishments with quote, "someone once had hope" from 'age of miracles' by karen thompson walker.

after reading that book, i kept reflecting on that phrase, something, that i, myself had often contemplated when discovering broken down, abandoned buildings along the side of the road.

someone once had hope_edited.jpg

dwellings....winter wonderland

28w x 12h x 2d

found object window frame, collage photos of abandoned building, various salvaged wood, miniature fence parts and peeled paint. this piece was created for entry in a themed exhibit...winter wonderland...what can i say...i fight authority.

Scan0001 winter wonderland resized_edite