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dwellings....where unmet dreams reside


18w X 43h X 2 1/2d

found object shutter doors, collage photos, vintage door handle & various embellishments,music box plays mc cartney's 'yesterday', poems/lyrics excerpts john denver & emily dickinson

dwellings... american dream

30w X 13h X 3d


found object window, broken architectural pieces, collage photos, peeled paint & various embellishment inspired by lyrics from the song, 'heartland' by willie nelson & bob dylan

my american dream  collage.assemblage.jpg
my american dream  collage.assemblage.jpg


18w x 21 1/2h x 6d

found object drawer, hand painted background, found object altar piece with added embellishments, electric lighted candles, music box plays tune, 'imagine' by the beatles


the birds of honor

9w X 11h X 3d

found object drawer, altered victorian figurines, artificial birds' heads, background scene is a  print of velazques' 'the maids of honor'

birds of honor collage_edited.jpg

da vinci's wings

collage  22w X 32h

featuring magazine clippings of birds, blue sky papers, & steampunk sourcebook pictures by prof. waldrep

da vinci's wings collage.jpg

experimental bird

18w x 11h x 4d

found object box, collage papers, dollhouse staircase parts, twig, feathers, imitation bird parts and mechanical embellishments...this piece is a shout out to leonardo da vinci

serving high tea

collage   31w X 27h

collage papers, catalog pictures & images from ringling bros, barnum & bailey shows inc. and the greatest show on earth dated 1881-1920

serving high tea collage_edited.jpg

dwellings....winter wonderland

28w x 12h x 2d

found object window frame, collage photos of abandoned building, various salvaged wood, miniature fence parts and peeled paint. this piece was created for entry in a themed exhibit...winter wonderland...what can i say...i fight authority.

Scan0001 winter wonderland resized_edite
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